Donut Shop Review #1- Cake Among Us

For my first ever review I chose Cake Among Us in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Based out of a bakery in a strip mall off of Haven Ave you will find the “best donut shop in California” per Buzzfeed. I didn’t choose Cake Among Us for that reason, this place opened late in 2015 and it is next to the gym I train at. That’s how Donut Gains began. I would come here and buy a dozen donuts every Saturday morning to begin my cheat day, eat some then go workout(After lacking carbs during the week, after eating donuts, I felt stronger hence the Donut Gains) They are not just a donut shop as they do also bake cakes, cupcakes, scones and cookies.  Now being a bakery/donut shop has it’s advantages for example, the chocolate they use to top the donuts has a richness most donut shops just don’t. Their selection of donuts have a wide variety to choose from like donuts filled with fruit, Nutella or peanut butter. Everything from the classic donuts to red velvet, cereal and cream filled. Cake Among Us also is one of the only shops in the area that make vegan donuts daily. My personal favorites are the chocolate with peanut butter filling, chocolate with Nutella filling, Cookie Crisp topped and the Oreo topped donuts. I stay away from cereal donuts like Fruit Pebbles because they tend to taste stale(especially later in the day), and that’s in most spots I tried. Also Cake Among Us isn’t open on Sundays. Besides that, this place is a must try for any donut lover in Southern California. Great tasting donuts, the owners are super cool and give great customer service and the prices are on par with other local shops.